This is the only Facebook feature I wanted to see added, and it was supposed to have been rolled out today and here we are with no dislike button.

Mark Zuckerberg even held a seminar last month explaining his reasoning behind the decision, when it would happen and why they were doing it. BUT NOOOOOO!  Instead Nipple Head McGee gave us more emojis.  I don't want emoji' man.  I want the dislike button, and I want it bad.

The main reason I wanted the dislike button was on Day 1, which was supposed to be today, I was going to purposely dislike every single thing in my news feed.

That is right... everything. Oh your cat is sick?  DISLIKE. Oh you got married?  DISLIKE.  Oh you are having a baby? DISLIKE. Oh you had a baby?  DISLIKE. Oh you had veal for dinner? DISLIKE. Oh you are on vacation? BIG DISLIKE.

I know you are saying why? Why would you do this? Because I can and it will upset people beyond belief.

I would have people screaming at me, un-friending me... the whole deal. It would have been glorious. This was going to be one of the best days of my life and it all got taken away.

Thanks Obama... I mean Zuckerberg.