Watching the news coverage last night of the tragic killing spree in Orlando had me asking the same question over and over. What makes a person hate so much that they can kill 49 strangers? 

I just cannot fathom that type of anger, that complete lack of compassion. How can a person believe that they are so superior to others? How can you not feel for people? What makes you want to hurt a stranger, any stranger?

Then, after you sit and ponder those questions, which are impossible to answer, you ask more questions. Questions like, will this ever stop? How did this type of violence on a mass level become a semi-regular occurrence in this country? What can we do to prevent it?

For a country so terribly divided, I think most reasonable people agree that we have to make it harder for people with obvious mental illness to get guns. That, of course, is not all we have to do, but it's a step in the right direction. But just sitting around arguing about this, politicizing the issue, is not helping.

We all talk about how something needs to be done. Nothing gets done, and then more innocent people lose their lives. Families are left devastated over the early departure of a loved one from our world. There is no excuse for these types of tragedies. I really worry that there will be more. It scares me to know that every time a mass shooting takes place, that another one coming soon after is highly likely. This is fast becoming the exit strategy of choice for severely ill people, and that is not good.