Sure there is a probably a yoga studio I am not aware of because I lack any sense of flexibility. Maybe a gym, of course -- we know all of that. But where else? You may be surprised.

  • Banana Brazil (Main Street) - Brazilian ladies are famous for their delicious rear ends, so it makes sense to go to a place with the name Brazil in the title.
  • Price Right (Main Street) - The parking lot outside of Price Right is a treasure trove of round rears, trust me, I know. You do have to crane your neck here and there to see around the children, but anything worth doing is worth working hard at.
  • Arthur Murray Dance Studio (Main Street) - You don't even have to go in. They have floor to ceiling windows in the front. Dancers are famous for their coolies.
  • Exit 2 Starbucks (Trader Joe's Plaza) - I don't know if there is a special ingredient in the coffee that is plumping the butts there, but something is going on. The staff and most of the customers got it where it counts.
  • The Dog Park (Miry Brook Road) - Never been there, but fit ladies love walking their dogs, so it's gotta be worth a look.

*CAUTION - Going somewhere to look at butts without having business there is frowned upon. If you go to the dog park, bring a dog. Don't just stand in the corner salivating. People hate that. Also, you need to steal your glances. Staring is a no-no. Get a sense of it and look away.