I have never felt so bad for a person in my life. The Cubs are running towards a World Series appearance. The last time that happened, a regular guy was to blame for why they did not make it. That, at least, is what some people believe.

Steve Bartman stole a ball, which could have been an out caught by Moises Alou. Could this actually be the reason they lost? Did a regular fan alter this team's course? Could it be his fault? Where is Steve?

What about the error by Alex Gonzalez that led to and 8 run inning?

The guys seeks out no media attention. He could have made millions on a book or movie deal. He wants nothing to do with it. That s rare in this world. Most people who have gone for the money grab. He wants nothing to do with us. The best we can do is narrow down the state he lives in and a few vague details. Steve Bartman never wanted to hurt his team or it's fan base. We should, despite our curiosity leave him where he is and root for the Cubs to win the World Series.