Rob Gronkowski gave a high school kid his autographed sneakers that read: "Stay Hyped, Get Chicks!" 

He is the A1, prime example of an All-American "meathead."

Listen, I cannot argue with his advice though. Staying hyped is a good thing ... you' re enthusiastic, happy and energetic all good things.  Getting chicks?  I love it.  You need to get chicks man.  They don't get themselves.  Chicks and chips baby.

What was he going to write anyway?  Something inspiring?  He can't.  He's not bright enough.  We are talking about a bag of potatoes with eyes here.

I mean he's a rock, a walking muscle with a head.

He's been twerking a lot in the off season too.  That one I don't get, but it's funny.

That's all over now though that OTA's have begun ... or maybe not, but this dude absolutely has the life.

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