I always wanted to see Guns N' Roses, but never had. Saturday night, I checked another item off the bucket list. What a show. On what was one of the hottest summer nights I can remember, Axl, Slash and Duff took the stage at Metlife Stadium, and blew my mind. 

I was most worried about Axl's voice. Would he still have it? Would he be able to wind sprint from one end of the stage to the other? Would he be the madman he was years ago? I was pleasantly surprised. He has got it. The voice is still there, he was high energy and unpredictable.

Slash, I knew would be great, but I could not believe how great he was. I have NEVER seen a better guitar player in my life. What he did seemed impossible. The man worked the entire stage from the first song to the last. Not once did he stop working. There were times that he was on stage by himself, doing instrumentals, and the rest of the band would be gone. He would rip off solo after solo, and then, when the band was back, he was back to work again.

The highlight of the night for me was Slash and Axl doing "Layla". It was Slash with the guitar and Axl on piano. No lyrics, just pure joy.

Best of all, they took the stage on time. If you get a chance to see Guns N' Roses on their "Not in this lifetime" tour, do it.