A group of scientists have come up with what they consider the Ultimate Workout playlist.  They based it on Beats Per Minute, and it's full of pop, dance music and rap.  No Rock, they say, because it messes up your rhythm.

Phooey on that, I say!  Here are a few of my favorites to listen to while working out. How about you?

  • 1

    Pete Townshend- Give Blood

    This song has gotten me through more than one workout I really didn't feel like doing!  Between the propulsive drums and the urgent, echo-ey guitar riffs courtesy of David Gilmour, this one is guaranteed to give you the boost you need to keep going when you're running out of gas.

  • 2

    Motley Crue- Dr. Feelgood

    Because if this doesn't get your pulse pounding, you should check to see if you have a pulse! "Kickstart My Heart" works well, too.

  • 3

    Bruce Springsteen- Devil With The Blue Dress

    This is a good one to warm up with, because the band gets caught up in the excitement and really races the tempo after about the first verse.  Watch out if you're on a stair machine; you might climb right through the ceiling by the time the song's over!

  • 4

    ZZ Top- Sleeping Bag

    This whole album is good cardio music.  The tempos are consistent, the songs are mostly fast, and there's enough humor in the songs to keep you going if you're getting bored halfway through a marathon argument with the elliptical.

  • 5

    J. Geils- Where Did Our Love Go

    You can't go wrong with Geils while you're working out. This one's one of their best.  It's got it all: Peter Wolf screaming out the intro, the Detroit crowd going nuts when they realize the guys are doing a Motown song... it's pure adrenaline!

  • 6

    Blue Oyster Cult- Veteran Of The Psychic Wars

    A little slower than most of the songs on this list, but there's something tribal about the drumming on this song that makes it great for picking things up and putting them down.  Cool guitar solo, too.

  • 7

    Rolling Stones- Harlem Shuffle

    The Stones are always a good bet for workouts.  This one's got a little strut to it that should give you some extra oomph for your workout.  Just don't practice the "Moves Like Jagger" while you're working out, or you'll risk some funny looks from other people at the gym!