Move over, clowns. We've got a new worry.

The latest fad of Creepy Clown threats has been all over the media lately. Pretty scary stuff for sure, but how about the presence of toxic chemicals in the Halloween makeup you're painting on your child? That should really scare the s--t out of you.

According to findings from the new Breast Cancer Fund report, we have a lot to worry about. The study is called Pretty Scary 2: Unmasking Toxic Chemicals in Kid's Makeup, and researchers found that nearly half the Halloween products they tested contained heavy metals, such as lead, and around 20% contained potentially harmful chemicals, like formaldehyde.

In the report, which was also published by the U.S. Public Interest Research Group (PIRG), Dev Gowda, a Toxics Advocate with U.S. PIRG had this to say:

These scary chemicals shouldn’t be in our kids’ cosmetics and Halloween makeup. Both Congress and manufacturers have a responsibility to make sure that products on store shelves are safe for our children

Now, let's talk REALLY scary findings. Part of Pretty Scary 2: Unmasking Toxic Chemicals in Kid's Makeup says:

The CDC has made it clear that there is no safe level of lead. Yet, we found lead in nearly 20% of the Halloween face paints tested. Cadmium in nearly 30%. Lead is strongly associated with learning disabilities and developmental problems. Cadmium is linked to breast, kidney, lung and prostate cancer.

You may remember that lead-based paint was banned for use in housing back in 1978. Here it is 2016, and this report shows we are potentially slathering it on our children in the name of fun. I urge you to read the findings.

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