When I Googled "What would happen if the government banned firearms," hundreds of websites came up! My purpose in this blog is not to debate or politicize this heated issue, but to find out where you're coming from.One of the websites I visited was Vox.comwhich states that America has 4.4% of the world's gun population and to get down to the lower gun violence levels of Europe, we simply need to "take away a huge number of guns from a huge number of gun owners."

In the woodenboatforum.com the same "What would happen...." question was asked and you can imagine the answers from sarcasm to nasty, serious to stupid.

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Here are some stats to consider. Researchers have found that "After Connecticut passed a law requiring gun purchasers to first obtain a license, gun homicides fell by 40%.

When Missouri repealed a similar law, "Gun homicides increased by 23% and suicides increased by 16.1%.

Infowars.com took it one step further asking, "What if the government outlawed guns and went door to door to confiscate them?" They said a violent revolution and rebellion would take place immediately.

Six month anniversary of Sandy Hook with names of 6,000 killed by gun violence since the massacre. Credit -Getty Images

Lastly, check out debate.org for a full blown discussion on this very topic. The stats have 37% saying YES for banning guns and 63% saying NO.

We all know that the 2nd Amendment gives us the right to bear arms and we know that firearms will never be banned in this country, SO how do we prevent innocent people who live in the United States from being gunned down on a semi-regular basis?


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