Hi, Ethan, the 'Love Doctor' here. It's not flowers or chocolate or jewelry(ok maybe jewelry), not a card or a vacuum cleaner. Any guy can do that, in fact anything that's store bought, forget about it for Valentine's Day.
You know what she really wants? She wants ORIGINALITY and CREATIVITY! She wants you to show her and prove to her how much you love her. How about some ideas?

A ROMANTIC WEEKEND ALONE It doesn't have to be a trip to Barbados or a quick dash to Paris. If you have little kids, send them off to the grandparents and spend a weekend at home with just the two of you. Buy 'Laura Corn's' new book, "101 Nights of Great Sex" and get naked! Only perform one or two of the suggestions in this book or you may hurt yourself.

"101 Nights of Great Sex" - Credit Amazon.com

FLY-AWAY WEEKEND WITH HER BEST FRIENDYou know how much the ladies love to get together and yak away, certainly not what you had in mind for your romantic weekend together. I've used this idea on Mindy where I bought a toy jet airliner and attached a roundtrip plane ticket and sent her to Chicago to visit her best friend, Anne for the weekend. A win for her and for me! If you're bringing in loads of cash, spring for first class tickets and take it over the top by hiring a foot masseuse named 'Juan' to rub her feet on command, but only during the flight.

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WRITE HER A LOVE LETTERThis my friend will get you lots of "Lovin' Touchin' and Squeezin." Do what you have to do to make it well written and romantic. You can actually hire an "editor" to guide you so the 'love letter' doesn't sound like it came from a high school freshman.

MAKE HER A MUSICAL SLIDESHOWHere's a gift idea I came up with for Mindy on Mother's Day. I used iphoto on my mac and chose about 25 photos, many with her and the kids, the two of us, etc. and chose some music that fit the theme for 'Mother's Day.' For the Valentine's Day slideshow, leave the kid pics out and feature only the two of you and some of the best photos you have of just her along with some of her favorite sappy love songs.

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Trust me, these are all guaranteed, knock her off her feet ideas! You're welcome.

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