I have looked at this objectively. If you are a Giants fan I can tell you right now how the year will play out. 

  • Week 1 - @ Dallas Cowboys - WIN - This is simple, No Romo means a huge edge at QB for New York.
  • Week 2 - New Orleans Saints - WIN - This is a home game for the Giants. The Saints will also still be reeling from their week 1 loss to my Oakland Raiders.
  • Week 3 - Washington Redskins - LOSS - Right now on paper I believe the skins are the best team in the NFC East. This thing could play out any number of ways. Not much separates these teams but if Kirk Cousens improves and stays healthy they should be good enough to win the division.
  • Week 4 - @ Minnesota Vikings - WIN -  Huge edge at QB.
  • Week 5 - @ Green Bay Packers - LOSS - This should be a bounce back year for Aaron Rodgers and crew.
  • Week 6 - Baltimore Ravens - LOSS - This one was a toss up for me but the Giants don't have a great history with Baltimore.
  • Week 7 - @ L.A. Rams - WIN - This game is in London. I think I take the veteran QB in this case. It's a weird week of travel and can affect any team negatively. I'll take Eli for the win.
  • Week 8 - BYE
  • Week 9 - Philadelphia Eagles - WIN - Giants are home and although the Eagles defense looks solid they are just not a great team.
  • Week 10 - Cincinnati Bengals - LOSS - I don't know why but I never know what to do when picking a Bengals game. I'm always wrong. My gut said the Giants would win so I'm pulling a Costanza and doing the opposite.
  • Week 11 - Chicago Bears - WIN - I think the Bears will be coming off back to back wins over the Vikings and Bucs and catch the Giants at home and NY wins a close one.
  • Week 12 - @ Cleveland Browns - WIN - Cleveland is not a team I have ever picked to win, not ever, not once. I won't start now.
  • Week 13 - @ Pittsburgh Steelers - LOSS - I don't like the Giants or anyone else for that matter playing against Big Ben in Pitt.
  • Week 14 - Dallas Cowboys - LOSS - Over the last 4 years These two teams have split their two games or Dallas has won both regular season match ups. I think Dallas finds a way to win this one. Romo may be back by then too. Who is to say?
  • Week 15 - Detroit Lions - WIN - The Giants are home and need a win at this point to be in the hunt. I think they get it.
  • Week 16 - @ Philadelphia Eagles - WIN. I take the veteran late in the season all day.
  • Week 17 -@ Washington Redskins - LOSS - I think Washington puts them down and takes both games on the year.

There you go 9-7. Will that get you into the playoffs? Whose to say?