After Bartolo Colon hit his first ever home run on Saturday some company immediately started printing up baseball cards with him hitting that home run. They so far this year are the biggest seller. What was your best or favorite baseball card? Like most kids from my era I collected baseball cards. I spent all of my allowance from the time I was 8 until about 16 on baseball cards. Over the years I probably spent thousands of dollars. We would also by the Becket magazine so we could track the value of our cards. A few years ago I called a collectible shop and ran down what I thought were some of my more valuable items to the guy over the phone. He paused, took a deep breath and broke the news to me. Apparently when I was a kid they printed so many baseball cards to keep up with demand that it sen the value of 98 percent of them into the toilet. He apologized and offered to take them off my hands if I was going to just get rid of them. I said no thanks I'll keep em' for my kids.

Thinking back some of my favorite cards were:

  • My Nolan Ryan 7th no-hitter card.
  • My Ricky Henderson/Lou Brock 939 stolen bases card.
  • My Michael Jordan baseball cards
  • My Bo Jackson breaking the bat over his knee card.
  • My black and white Upperdeck Bo Jackson in football shoulder pads with baseball bat draped across his back card. Fact is I had every Bo Jackson card in existence.
  • My Don Matingly cards.
  • My bash brothers cards.
  • My Ken Griffey rookie card.


I could go on and on. I miss collecting baseball cards, caring for them, storing them. I think today might be a good day for a look through them. That way i can remember a time where I had little to no responsibility. In fact caring for those cards was my only responsibility.