This could be tough to narrow down.  I do have some whoppers. 

Air Travel is the worst.  The stress involved is mostly for me derived from the uncertainty.  Nothing about air travel is a guarantee.  There is zero guarantee that you will make it to the airport on time.  No guarantee that you won't have a terrible time getting through security.  No guarantee that your flight will be on time.  No guarantee that your luggage will not be misplaced.  It's all a mystery.  On top of that you have to keep your head on a swivel.  This is one of those cases where you have all of your most valuable and hard to replace belongings on you at once.  You have your I.D., your passport, your cell phone, laptop, your best clothes, your carrying a lot of cash and credit cards, your boarding pass and then multiple that by your entire family.  It's a nightmare.  Then you get on the plane and you are at the mercy of the other passengers.  There behavior can dictate whether or not you leave the ground or even get to your destination.  Which brings me to one of my worst air travel experiences.

Well it could have been the worst air travel experience of my life.  My wife and I were heading to the Dominican Republic in August.  We boarded the plane after a 2 hour flight delay.  Thankfully as usual I fell right asleep as soon as I sat down.  The Valium helped.  What happened while I was sleeping would have driven me up the wall.  Apparently a woman started to freak out.  You see our flight delay was due to some sort of a mechanical issue.  The pilot informed us as much.  This woman was having none of that.  She started screaming about how something is wrong and the place is going to crash.  Everyone heard this.  After that the flight attendants and pilots had to make her priority #1.  It took an hour.  She did not calm down.  Then they had to decide to get her off the plane but not before filing a report which took forever.  Eventually they got her off the plane and we were on our way but if I had been awake things could have gotten much worse.

What is your worst air travel experience?

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