This can be an emotional topic.  I know from experience.  We asked this question last year on our radio show and the phones went crazy. 

For me it's two items that I really don't like.  First and foremost is creamed onions.  Those are terribly disgusting.  I don't have to tell you what they look know..WE ALL KNOW.  Then there is cranberry sauce.  TERRIBLE.  Cranberry sauce used to be one of my favorite things about Thanksgiving but I simply lost my taste for it.  Then you got these people that make ambrosia for dessert .  I HATE ambrosia.  Horrible texture and a bad flavor mixture make it my mouths worst nightmare.

Let's also discuss the centerpiece of Thanksgiving...the turkey.  Can we do away with the turkey already?  We have been there and done that for years.  Just stop it already.  Can't we move on and try something everyone likes?  How about pizza?  Everyone loves pizza.  You could go with tacos.  Huge taco fan right here but they have to be hard shelled tacos.  Then you have chicken wings which are basically America's favorite snack for like the last 15 years.  So many options and yet every year we are right back where we were the year before and the year before that.  We are sitting in a circle around a big, fat, dry dead bird.

This year I am changing the game.  I'm going to show up with a bunch of pizza pies, some chicken wings, some tacos and I am going to put them down right on the table next to the bird and we will see what gets eaten.