Do you have "Sympathy for the Devil?" Are you a "Creep?" Are you a "Joker?"

I started thinking of Metallica songs that I love, to see if any of them would best describe me, and the short answer, sadly, is no. It did not take much more self-examination, however, to find my song. "Bad Company" by Bad Company off the album Bad Company. That's it. Even better, I would choose the Five Finger Death Punch cover of "Bad Company."

That's it, for sure. I am, simply put, Bad Company. No one can ruin everyone's time quite like me. I think my morning show partner, Ethan Carey, would agree with that assessment. I think my wife, Erica, would agree with this.

You see, I have this way about me, where I am either going to make things awesome or quite the opposite. All depending upon my mood, and if I make it the opposite of awesome. Then, you best put your helmet on.

What song would best describe your life or personality? Is it "Margaritaville?" Is it "American Girl?" We want to know. Call the Ethan and Lou show tomorrow, just after 8 AM, at 203-775-9595 or leave your answer here, and we will read it on the air.