This might be the last thing Mom's want to hear as summer vacation gets underway for the kids. The Center for Disease Control(CDC) tells us it's not just chlorine that causes burning eyes when swimming in a pool. The CDC says it's the chlorine that combines with urine, sweat, sunscreens, and germs, and other waste from swimmers! Ewwwwwww!


So what is a mother to do? The kids certainly don't care. The obvious choice is to forbid them to swim in anyones pool all summer, which may be tough to implement. Another solution is to buy them a wetsuit, goggles, and a snorkel before they go down the street to swim in their much richer friend's pool. There are two possible outcomes with the "wetsuit" idea. Either your kid will be laughed out of the pool or every kid hangin' around will demand their parents buy them the same getup!


For total piece of mind, you can go old-school and guarantee 100% protection by purchasing a rustless diving suit. Ebay is the way to go here since this was invented in 1925. Have an enjoyable summer everybody and remember to pee before you dive into your friends' pool.


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