Millions of people use Instagram. Happily snapping and sharing photos of everything around them. Here's the most "snapped" and "shared" on Instagram photos from the 50 States. What do you think it is in Connecticut?

When you think about it, Instagram indulges the "voyeur" in us. Not only can you click and share your memories or whatever catches your eye at any given moment, but you can also view millions of other peoples "birds eye views" of what moves them. With that in mind,  Business Insider  just published a story about what makes us "Snap Happy" state by state.

Click on BUSINESS INSIDER  to see it State by State and to see if you guessed correctly about Connecticut!

And for a more in-depth look click on BUSBUD and feast your eyes on great shots from the United States and Canada. Hey, it could help with your travel plans!

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