This question is easy for me because there are so many...but "Old School" springs to mind right away.

Mitch-A-Palooza is my dream party.....I will throw one and that is what I will call it even though my name is not Mitch.

Stripes was one of my favorites.  "Lighten up Frances"....haha...I love that dude

Caddyshack obviously. "Wanna make 14 dollars the hard way?"

Step Brothers...."Why are you so sweaty?....I was watching cops."

We're the Millers...."You got me moving enough weed to kill Willie Nelson man!"

Maybe my favorite of all time is 40 Year Old Virgin......"Just wax that whole Teen Wolf thing right off."

There are so many more.  What are yours?  We wanna know on the Ethan and Lou show.

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