Do you need special breads and special cheeses to whip up a primo grilled cheese sandwich?

I'll admit that my grilled cheese sandwich is nauseatingly weak compared to a restaurant's grilled cheese. Sure it's one of the easiest sandwiches to make, but it all comes down to how you prepare the bread. Will it be toasted or will it be deep fried in a pound of lard. Will the bread be soaked in one pound of butter and then baked until the butter seeps into every single crumb and it becomes golden brown. What type of bread makes the best grilled cheese, is it Stop N' Shop brand whole wheat? Is it that potato bread crap where you have to chew it twice as long to swallow?



For the answer to our bread question, I clicked on and searched for a grilled cheese article. I'm thrilled to say that I found one titled strangely enough, "The Best Bread for Grilled Cheese." I learned that you can't skimp in the bread department. Stay away from any cheap ass bread and never buy Wonder Bread. The following are the recommended breads you should buy when inviting friends over for a grilled cheese and tomato soup party. Don't forget the oyster crackers for the soup.

*Pullman Bread - A crusty step up from your nasty white bread.

*Multigrain - That's right, who can resist that hearty, rich, grain studded bread. Some brands of multigrain bread claim their bread will grow hair on your ass.

*Sourdough - This tangy bread is the ultimate grown-up grilled cheese bread. You can also purchase certain brands that have baked in pungent smells like Chef Boyardee Beefaroni and Campbell's Chunky Clam Chowder.


*Ciabetta - Spongy, but with a forgiving crust, remember that cheap ciabetta is guaranteed to keep you chewing twice as long as the good stuff.

*Challah - This Jewish bread is my absolute favorite. This ceremonial bread is used to welcome in Friday night Shabbat and Jewish holidays. It's a sweet tasting bread that is not too crunchy or too wimpy. Challah bread also makes fabulous french toast. I, personally, would keep it in my bread pantry on a daily basis, but I love it so much I seem to have no control and I eat an entire loaf which just makes me bloated and farty.

In our next episode you and I will explore which kinds of cheese make the best grilled cheese sandwich.

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