Yes images of "The Graduate" come to mind.  Most people are not brave enough to admit theirs.

I'll straight up tell you.  Mine was a high school English teacher.  I won't say her name because I know she listens to my show: "The Ethan and Lou Morning Show."  I have embarrassed her enough. I've only mentioned it and her by name on the show about 5,000 times. It got really awkward the last few times I ran into her in town.

I have heard other guys say that they had crushed on cousins of theirs. That is just gross. Maybe because I was really close to my cousins that I think that that is super disgusting, but I have heard from other guys that is a pretty common thing.

I have also heard a lot of guys say that they had a crush on a friends mom. I have heard that a lot ,and maybe I did and maybe I did not, but the fact is I can't say because I have the same friends now that I had when I was 12.

What was the most inappropriate crush you have ever had?  We will talk about it tomorrow on the Ethan and Lou Morning Show on I-95 (95.1FM) WRKI.  Listen between 5:30-10am and call the show at 203-775-9595 and let us know about yours.