It was the most recent spam e-mail subject line that really got me thinking about this and where it ranks all time in my experience. 

The subject line of the e-mail was:  "A friend to pee with."  That was all and yet that was just the beginning.  It challenged every thought I have ever had.  Do I need a friend to pee with?  Am I close enough with my friends?  Is this necessary?  My curiosity got the best of me and I opened it.  That was a mistake.  My child like wonder and my naive romantic notion of having such a close friendship with someone led me down a path that would change me forever.  What this person was suggesting was nothing I would ever want to be a part of.  It has left me scarred for life knowing that someone is searching for that and even more emotionally destroyed knowing that they would probably find it.

I have to let it out of my mind and think about whether I have ever found a more bizarre subject line.  There was the time I received an e-mail from a real life Prince in Africa who offered me a sweetheart of a deal.  If I would send him just 1,000 dollars he would repay me 100,000 dollars once his finances became unfrozen.  I had all my money tied up in Twizzlers and Dubra Vodka at the time otherwise I would have jumped all over that one.  Then there was the 23 year old Russian Gymnast who had been following me online and was very impressed with my looks and sense of humor and wanted to get to know me better.  I was in a relationship at the time however so it was not written in the stars.

What about you?  What is the most bizarre e-mail you have ever received?  Did you open it?  Did you respond?  We will be talking about this on the Ethan and Lou morning show on Friday so either leave your comment here or call us Friday at 203-775-9595.