For my money, the best TV and radio jingles all pretty much came out in the 80s.

My favorite of all time was the Milford Plaza:

"...And in the center of it all is the Milford Plaza!" I have been singing that in my head at least once a day since I am 6-years-old. That was a genius ad.

Then, of course, there is Stanley Steemer:

Why would you go anywhere else for a carpet steaming when you won't be able to sing any jingle but this one?

Of course, you can't forget about Doublemint gum:

These commercials made me angry because it made me want a twin. I felt left out of something much bigger than me.

Then, you have the beautiful Mount Airy Lodge:

It has been my life's dream to visit the Mount Airy Lodge. I just hope I did not miss my chance. Is it even there anymore? I really need to investigate this. There are so many different activities that seem to be available, and not one person in their ads is having a bad time. I think it's impossible to not have a good time there.

What do you think are the best TV/Radio Commercial Jingles of all time? We wanna hear from you tomorrow morning on the Ethan and Lou show. Just after 7am tomorrow call us at 203-775-9595 and share yours.