Extreme phone pinching is the hottest new social media trend and more proof that we are really stupid. 

You take your phone and hold it loosely with just your thumb and forefinger....and dangle it over a dangerous place.  People have dangles theirs off the side of bridges, over toilets and even off the side of a fishing boat.  Just brilliant.

We spend hundreds of dollars on  these phones, we wait in line in the freezing cold and then we dangle it over the toilet and tempt fate.  I hate these cell phones and I would love to not have one at all but they are unfortunately a necessity. I'd love to get rid of mine but we need them. What we don't need is to use them for every single social media trend that comes along.

Fact is the only social media trends that I ever enjoyed or played along with was Tebowing and Bradying.  Those were the only two that were even mildly interesting.

So there you go America pinch away.  Here is what it looks like.

NSFW due to naughty language.  You won't make it through the whole thing anyway because it is super annoying.

The ones that dropped their phone absolutely deserve it.