Brick-Jaw Man Face or Brickimus Mannimus Facitis is an overly pronounced jaw line on a female that can make a woman look like she is smuggling bricks in her cheeks to the point of looking like a man. 

Jennifer Garner pictured here is a bad example because she has a mild case of the syndrome, but is the most famous example I could give you.

Getty images

This is a much better example of a few cases of the syndrome in its purest form. It is often found in female bodybuilders. Since science has almost gone out of it's way to ignore this condition, I feel that it needs to be addressed. Other famous cases include Hillary Swank and Nicole Bass.

How do we quell the tide of mannish faces that are overtaking the female community? That is a question for a better man than me. I know it when I see Brick-Jaw Man Face. I know my friends and I were the first to identify, and name the condition, but that is where my knowledge ends.

I am proposing that we get busy on this. I am going to start an organization that raises awareness, and funds, to stop Brick Jaw Man Face in its tracks. I plan on calling it the Anti-Brick-Jaw Man Face Association of America or the ABJMFAA.

Join me in my quest to take the chisel out of the sizzle.