If "The Donald" actually got elected what would happen?

First and foremost you can count on a gold scheme on the White House and possibly even his name on the house. What a nipple head!

He would probably invade China and try and force them to agree to relinquish our debt ... that would be cool. He would write a book. Not him but a ghost writer, called "Art of the Deal 2: How I bought the White House."  How sweet would that be?

He would have a Presidential Lion instead of a Presidential dog and name it "Donald."

He would replace the Lincoln Memorial with the Trump memorial and that would be gold.

He would have a statue built of his hair on the mall in Washington D.C.

He would ride on Air Force One with his cabinet made up of celebrities from "Celebrity Apprentice."  Secretary of State - Arsenio Hall...Secretary of Defense --Clay Aiken.

I don't care what you think this guy is a joke....OK I do care what you think...what do you think?