You can take your politics and throw them away for this one. This blog is about humanity not politics.

Any racially motivated crime is based on fear so anyone that commits one is a coward because they have admitted to the world that their fear led them to a place where they felt backed into a corner to where they had to act before they were acted on.

Dylann Roof was an evil coward. I joke on the show that I "AM FROM THE SKREETS."  I was born and raised in a very white community in the suburbs.

I thank GOD everyday that I was not only raised by my father who saw people for who they are and not there race or skin color, but that because of that upbringing I reached out to explore other people who were not like me. Had I not, I would not have met my wife. I would not have had the opportunity to laugh every summer with the late Laquan Perkins.

Fear is almost always a motivator in violence.  I'm 36 and I only know a handful of things for sure, but I know that to be a fact.

This person dedicated and essentially took his life because of fear. Roof was a coward and a relic.

I know that life is universal in that people are people.  We all have struggles we all fall in love, we all love our families and we all poop ... yep. That should be the end of the discussion those things are universal and no one grows up inherently bad we learn through our environment.

Anyone who says the people in the church should have been armed is a moron. That obviously means you have never truly been down on your knees praying to God and felt something real.

That is not the solution. This is a humanity issue. Fear is what motivated this crime and so many others and it will not stop unless we stop it.