Listen, far be it for me to be judgmental, but I must say if you don't at the very least mow your lawn, you are a loser. There, I said it. It can be an annoying chore for those of us who cannot pay someone to do it but it's important.

There is nothing more American than caring for your lawn. It's the first thing people see about your home and if you do not take care of it, we are all talking bad about you. Some people just don't seem to care though.

I live on a really nice street, no one is rich, but the homes and lawns are cared for. It's one house after another where people are mowing, raking, mulching and whacking. Then, there is this one house in the middle of it all, where nothing has been done for as long as I have lived there and from what I am told, beyond that. It sits there like an eye sore. Weeds growing left and growing right. They are like the Klopecks from the movie The Burbs.

So, my neighbor Ricky and I have a plan to mow it ourselves. Is that so bad? I guess, technically, it is trespassing but c'mon. The person that calls the cops on two guys for mowing their lawn because they refuse is mentally ill. Your only reaction to seeing two strangers mow your lawn because you won't, should be self loathing. You should completely be embarrassed. It should shake you to your core, and make you learn a lesson. Take care of your stuff.