Yee-haw, it's comin' up on Country Fair month in Connecticut!August is a key month for country fairs in Connecticut. It's time to get your blood sugar up to 400, eat yourself into a stupor, and put some money on the infamous pig races you've been waiting for all year! Here are some of the tried and true Connecticut country fairs you might like to try out this summer.


This legendary fair rolls out the weekend of August 19 - August 21 and includes everything from a Fireman's parade to live music, from sheep and Howie's hot dogs to roast beef sandwiches, sweet corn and pizza grinders. Tell your grandma to get her ass in the car, the fried dough's calling your name! Located on Main Street/Rt.133 in Bridgewater, CT

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Located at 245 Wolcott Road in Wolcott, CT the fair goes from Friday, August 19th thru August 21st. Make sure to get there early on Friday because Swifty Swine Racing and Swimming Pigs oink their way through three shows at 5, 7, and 9:00pm!

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The Terryville Fair is set to go from August 26th through the 29th on Townhill Road in Terryville. On the mainstage enjoy 'Locomotion' on Friday night at 8pm, 'Changes in Lattitudes' on Saturday night at 8, and 'Eight to the Bar' on Sunday afternoon at 2:30.

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The 104th Goshen Fair kicks off on Labor Day Weekend from Saturday, September 3rd thru Monday, September 5th featuring lumberjacks, rabbit judging, the Flying High Frisbee Dogs, live music, tractor and truck pulls along with monster trucks. Keep in mind there are NO alcoholic beverages, guns, or drugs allowed.



The Bethlehem Fair is scheduled for the weekend after Labor Day from Friday, Sept. 9th thru Sunday, Sept. 11th at 383 Main St. North in Bethlehem, CT. Two excellent classic rock tribute bands will be featured, the Eagles tribute band, 'Eaglemania' on Friday night at 7pm and the Fleetwood Mac tribute band, 'Tusk' takes the main stage on Saturday at 7pm.

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