I, honest to god, do not understand people.

I'm betting that what happens in the offices of i95, aren't too different from what you encounter at your work place.

My co-workers leave plastic utensils in the sink. What the hell? Are they trying to be green by not throwing them away? If so, I'd applaud that, but don't be a lazy ass. Wash them and put them away. These are the same people that leave piles of their dirty dishes in the sink at work, evidently hoping that someone else will wash those. It's important to note that the freakin' dishwasher is RIGHT NEXT TO THE SINK.

But, what I found in the refrigerator at work is the height of laziness. Take a look:

By the way, as of two days later, you guessed it, the baggie and cap remain in the fridge. Who are these animals I work with?

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