If your like me,  you are surrounded by awesome things to do, but either cannot remember them or need a reminder of what is around you. This summer can be awesome right here at home if you remember what to do.

  • Candlewood Lake - (Brookfield/Danbury/New Milford/Everywhere) - That is the best and most important one I can think of.  It's the best fun I have without having to get in the car for a few hours to go somewhere else.
  • Down the Hatch - (Brookfield) - Usually a trip to "The Hatch" is accompanied with a ride on the boat so that is easy.
  • City Center Danbury - (Danbury)  - They have concerts for free all summer long and great food vendors.
  • The Ives Concert Park - (Danbury) - These concerts are not free, but amazing national acts come through every year.  Two summers ago I saw Everclear and Live there.  Good times.
  • The Ridgefield Playhouse - (Ridgefield)  - Always a good time and you can usually see me (if you care) wandering around the lobby trying to get someone to buy me a popcorn.
  • Red Rooster - I love the Red Rooster.  (Brewster) - You got great fried food, ice cream and mini-golf....what more could a kid want?
  • Kelly's Corner - (Brewster) - great wings, good people and amazing jalapeno poppers.
  • O'Connors - (Brewster/Brookfield) - Always fun people and a packed house.
  • Kent Falls - (Kent) - It's so beautiful and when I need something to do with the kids that is stimulating I take them there.
  • The New Milford Green - (New Milford) - Let's be honest it is the prettiest green in all of CT and that is not debatable.


So we have things all around us. Now grab your midgets or your woman or man and get out there and get weird.