I am starting to get some great feedback from the Ethan and Lou listeners on this and will begin to share your most memorable NFL moments. Our first listener selection is from Steve who called the show this morning and said he will never forget this one:

"Lawrence Taylor ends Joe Theisman's career"

This video is tough to watch if you are squeamish.  I remember when this happened.  i was just a kid but it was big news because of the two players involved.  Joe Theisman was one of the marquee NFL quarterbacks' at the time and Lawrence Taylor was the biggest star in the sport.  L.T. revolutionized pro football and of all of his many plays this is probably the most memorable.

"Leon Lett fumble recovery in the Dallas snow"

It was a Thanksgiving day classic between the Dallas Cowboys and Miami Dolphins in a freak snowstorm in Dallas.  Leon Lett jumped on the ball.  He should not have.

"Bill Romanowski spits in J.J. Stokes face" 

Forgive the video quality.  I do remember this being a big game.  I also know I cannot for the life of me remember when it was.  Bill Romanowski is old school.  I'm sorry but I like savage play and extra curricular activities on the pro football field.  Sportsmanship be damned.  This is not pee-wee football.  Give me a show.  You never knew what Bill would do.

"Brett Favre lights up the Raiders the day after his father's passing"

This is another dagger in my heart as an Oakland Raiders' fan but it happened and I remember it all too well.  You gotta give it to Brett though.  He has and always will be one of my favorite football players of all time.  He always gave you something to talk about.

"John Elway's Super Bowl 32 run for the end zone"

John Elway not known for his quick feet made a courageous dash for the end zone in Super Bowl 32 versus the Green Bay Packers.  He got in and the Broncos would go on to win the game 31-24.


What are your all time memorable NFL moments.  Leave us a comment here or call the Ethan and Lou show on I-95 weekday mornings at 203-775-9595.  I-95, WRKI, 95.1FM, i95rock.com also available on the Radio pup app.