Of all the funny names in sports history, one stands alone, and that is Dick Trickle. Trickle is a NASCAR legend.

Some of the others that come to mind immediately for me are:

Boof Bonser - Bonser was a pitcher for the Minnesota Twins for four seasons. He had a promising start to his career, but ended with a 19-25 record.

Dick Butkus - Butkus, a legendary NFL linebacker, who played for the Chicago Bears. His name on a job application or tax form reads Butkus, Dick. Meditate on that.

Humpy Wheeler - Humpy is a long time race promoter and former President of Charlotte Motor Speeday. He said he got his nickname Humpy while playing college football at the University of Illinois, when his teammates saw him smoking Camel cigarettes. That's what Humpy says, but I ain't buying it. There is a story there, and it has nothing to do with smoking.

Misty Hyman - She is an American Olympic swimmer and gold medalist. She also must be very mentally tough to break free from the shackles of such an unfortunate name.

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"Oil Can" Boyd - Oil Can was MLB power arm in the 80's. He played for the Montreal Expos and Boston Red Sox, among others, and was famous for not only his nickname, but his personality. Not too long ago, ole' Oil Can admitted to being high and drunk during many of his major league starts. He is from Mississippi, where beer is referred to as oil. He was a big beer drinker, and so that became his nickname. I always got excited as a kid when I got an "Oil Can" Boyd baseball card. I still have them.

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