Do you hang your head in shame when someone asks you what your Connecticut street address is? Thanks to the website let's prove that someone was smoking something when they made up these street names. 

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    Roast Meat Hill Road in Killingworth

    Right out of the gate this is my all time favorite! I love roast meat and I love to drive! In fact, I love to eat roast beef when I drive, although the mashed potatoes and gravy usually end up all over my slacks. 

    Eugene Bochkarev
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    Satan's Kingdom Road in New Hartford

    Truthfully, wouldn't you have second thoughts about making the turn onto Satan's Kingdom Road, especially on Halloween?! According to the CT Post, Satan's Kingdom Road was named after a bunch of hooligans from the Tunxis Tribe from the late 1700's.

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    11 O'Clock Road in Weston

    I couldn't find any history on 11 O'Clock Road, but if I had to guess, the name was invented by a dad who actually built and named the road and had a 16 year old daughter with an 11 O'clock curfew. Whaddya think?

    Google Instant Street View
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    Yellow Yellow Circle in Middletown

    As you can see in the image, someone had a love affair with the color yellow! Yellow Road, Yellow Hill Drive, Yellow Birch Road! Do you think the residents on Yellow Yellow Circle come out and cheer when the school buses go by? Do they have a 'Yellow Party' every year where you have to dress up in yellow and only eat yellow food like squash, butter, pineapple, milanese rissoto, sweet corn, and caramelized banana tart? Probably not. OK, I'll stop now. 

    Google Instant Street View Map
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    Tootin Hill Road in Simsbury

    According to a Hartford Courant article from 1993, Tootin' Hills Road was named after Tootin Hills School located on Nimrod Rd. that was said to be named after a freight train that always passed through the West Simsbury hills.