As Tim Sheehan so eloquently put it, "West Virginia? WEST VIRGINIA???" 

Any news story that involves food gets sent my way here at Townsquare Media Danbury, and this one outrages me! Connecticut is KNOWN for excellent pizza, and it makes sense that, over time, the crappy pizza places will go away, due to us having so many great pizza joints. Well, Connecticut comes in 10th place nationally in abundance of pizza restaurants. This is according to a post published on

The Northeast US is well represented in the top 10, though. Our smallest state, Rhode Island, is chock full of pizza purveyors, coming in at 6. New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Connecticut are ranked 8,9,10, respectively. If you'd like to read the full list and see where your state came in, click HERE

As for the states that have no love for pizza places, it's safe to say that you will not be seeing me move to Hawaii, Mississippi, or Louisiana anytime soon.

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