This is the gallery of people who were paying attention to what I had to say about NOT missing the greatest party in the history of parties. Did we get wild? Yes, yes we did. Did we get sweaty? Yes, yes we did. Did we rage in unison? You bet we did, weirdo.

We had it all. We had drunk people, a dancing madman, full attendance from the I-95 staff. Everything you could want, and more. You see, when we promise to rock you like a hurricane, your house blows over, and you have to call the insurance company. That's science, and you need to meditate on it.

Thank you to the Crowne Plaza in Danbury, The amazing Future Tense, Bogey's Tuxedo, Tom N' Jerry's, Danbury's Mayor, Mark Boughton and the Green Grunion. Most of all thanks to all of you who came out and had fun. A good party has people who lose the anger face, shed their inhibitions and get friendly. Not one person at this party was a downer. Everyone was there to have a good time. Thank you all. Get ready for the Ethan and Lou 3rd chance prom next year.