We starting playing a game around the studio that involves slapping people with raw bacon in preparation for our Bacon and Brew festival on July 18 at the CityCenter Green in Danbury.

We call it "Slap Bacon."

Why I think this is funny I cannot explain ... but it is.  Something about the sound of raw bacon hitting human skin makes me laugh.

To think ... an innocent chubby little animal gave it's life so we could enjoy the comedy.

I've been wanting to hit our Digital Managing Editor Dina in the face, for quite sometime. She had it coming. Dan really took that like a champ. Most people do not want to be hit with bacon.

"You can be a big pig too!"  - Timone and Pumba - Lion King

Here we all are getting ready for the big Bacon and Brewfest on July 18 starting at 3pm on the Green at CityCenter Danbury. This is going to be a party to end all parties and we have a butt load of bacon and brews, live music and more.

Tickets are $15 online and $20 at the door. Get yours at ctbaconandbrew.com now.

We will have live music from Leslie West of the band "Mountain"

And the 90's sensation "Cracker."

Be there!