For the last three years in-a-row, has been the most accurate service in the weather forecasting business. Accuweather meteorologist, Brett Rathbun has just delivered his mega long range forecast for Danbury for February and March and it's not bad!

Any meteorologist will tell you that it can be a crap shoot trying to predict weather patterns over the course of 10 days, let alone two months, but I'm pretty sure you already knew that. has come up with a general idea of what kind of weather the Danbury area might expect, all subject to change, of course.

Winter in February of '15 at the I-95 Studios - Credit Ethan

FEBRUARY - According to Accuweather meteorologist, Evan Duffey, "February will begin with a significant change to the weather pattern across the eastern United States.". The central and mid-western parts of the U.S. may very well experience snow and severe weather, but we'll see temps 5 to 10 degrees above normal. Don't be surprised to see several 40 degree days during February, subject to change of course.

MARCH - Expect a cool-down throughout much of the country except in the northeast where temps will remain above normal. With the warm air hanging around our region, fog and rain could be an issue, subject to change of course.

WILL WE SEE ANYMORE SNOW? - The Weather Channel says that even during a mild winter, snow is still a possibility if we get a couple of days where the temps are cold enough to support snow, so don't put away those idiot mittens just yet.


My Beater Car Buried During the Winter of 2014 - Credit Ethan

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