There is drunk and then there is college kid drunk.  They are two very different things.

I miss college sometimes and then I see videos like this and think about the pain...MY GOD MAN THE PAIN.


I love that not only was he pelted with full cans of beer but that he was tackled after that and survived to rage even harder.

Who is the dude that bothered to throw a Frisbee at him?  This kid is getting hit with beer cans by the rack and you think a Frisbee is going to bother him?   NO.  NO.  NO.

This kid is a warrior of the highest order, this story about him will be legend for years to come.

He's lucky he did not get seriously hurt and so is everyone else.  I feel lucky myself.  I feel lucky that I did not go to college in an era where everything you do is captured on video and displayed to the world.

My parents would have disowned me, I would have been fired from my job and probably expelled from school.  Hey kids....if you are smart you institute a no cell phone at parties policy.  Sure you won't remember your parties but that is part of the fun of college.

The next morning you get to launch an all day investigation into what you did last night.  Those were the good old days.

You would spend the 48 hours after a party piecing together what you actually did while your friends lied to your face, GOOD TIMES.