Yes Thanksgiving is behind us now and it is time to focus on the big one. 

  Let's focus on the positive's about Christmas:


  • You get to see family and friends.
  • You get to eat great food.
  • You get gifts.
  • You get time off of work.


OK and that is it for the positives.


Now the negatives:


  • You see family.
  • You have to make food for everyone
  • You have to buy gifts.
  • You have to work twice as hard leading up to vacation and after just so you can get the time off.
  • You often have to travel.
  • If you are not traveling you are probably setting your house up like a mini hotel for all your guests.
  • Most important every time you turn around you are dropping 100 dollars.  Every little quick trip to get that last minute item turns into a 100 dollar trip no matter what.  You are sent on a mission to get that one last item at the store that you forgot that will complete the holiday and BAM...the phone rings.  You know that ring just cost you 92 dollars immediately.

Holiday vacations unfortunately are often more stressful than going to work.  It literally becomes a 24 hour a day job for 3 to 5 days.  But this is what we do.  You have to do it.  No one wants to be the weirdo that isolates themselves from the family and ends up getting talked about behind their back.  They actually expend more energy and attention on you if you do try and isolate it's not worth it.  Because the last thing anybody wants is to be the focus of the family dialogue.


It's time for an alternative.  But what could we do?