We need your help!

This frog is not a joke it is really in the studio somewhere.  That somewhere is most likely the back corner of the studio that is behind a wall of technology; an area that has not been visited more than twice since like 1979.  Those two times were by me and Mary Scanlon (seperate occasions) for a nap to "sleep it off."

This frog is elusive because he only croaks every like 5 hours and when he does he only does it for like 30 seconds.  It's very frustrating because I wanna meet this dude, get to know him, be pals.

If he is gonna be here he needs a name...something we can call him.  What are your suggestions?

Pam just came into the office and told me she heard him again.  He's not active much but when he is he makes his presence known and in that way him and I are alike.

Name the frog and call the show tomorrow with your suggestions.  203-775-9595


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