This weekend I was driving around with the kids in the car and I pulled up at the intersection by the North Street Shopping Center.  I looked up and saw the new I-95 billboard with Ethan's and my name on it.  I showed the kids and they went crazy.  They thought it was so cool.    I decided to post the picture on Facebook and I wrote something along the lines of Just when you are broke and frustrated you look up and see something like this and your day is better.  Well that is when friends of mine on Facebook lost their minds.  People started telling me that life is not about money and I should hang in there and everything will be alright.  So let me clarify everything is OK.  You would think that I wrote that I was going to harm myself the way people responded.  Let us pump the brakes.  Everything is fine.  I was pointing out that this little thing had changed my unhappy frustrated mood into a good one.  That's it.  That's all.  I do appreciate the concern and all but life is good.

Also C'mon how cool is it to look up in traffic and see your name on a billboard?  It's not the first time we have had one but it really does not get old.  My kids think I'm pretty cool too and that is pretty much the best thing about it.