Lenny "Nails" Dykstra was an animal on the field. We would come to find after his playing days that he is an animal off the field. He has had many scrapes with the law and even landed in jail. While in jail an inmate knocked all of his teeth out of his head. Since leaving jail, he has written his autobiography and has done one bizarre interview after another.
Depending on what book or article about Lenny you read he is either a bad guy or an eccentric guy. I have too many questions and I simply do not know where to start. I know we are obligated at this point in time to ask him about Doc Gooden and his health.

We have to ask him about the things Doc said about Darryl after Darryl called Doc out on his drug use.

We have to ask him about his lack of teeth.

We have to ask him about his recent comments about seeing Darryl's manhood in the locker room.

We have to ask him about his once successful now failed real estate empire.

We have to ask him about his abrupt departure from New York when he was traded to the Phillies and of course we have to talk about steroids.

There is so much more though. We could interview him for days. What would you like to hear us ask Nails?