After years of maneuvering and failed deals, Waterbury Hospital is being purchased.

I was born there, I've been inside those walls far too many times over the years, unfortunately.

It was announced on Monday night that Waterbury Hospital and all of it's "assets" have been purchased by Prospect Medical Holdings of Los Angeles.

I was in Waterbury Hospital's Emergency Room on Monday night actually, and I saw a group of well-dressed ladies and gentlemen getting a walk-through. All of the staff was at attention and on their best-behavior.

And then this news broke the next morning.

That must have been a "Kick the tires" moment that I witnessed. Speaking with many friends that work there, most are relieved. This has been an on-going saga for YEARS.

The two major facilities, Waterbury Hospital and St. Mary's Hospital, have been trying to merge into one mega facility to serve the city that I live in. Failed deals, Gov. Dannel Malloy and Mayors Jarjura and O'Leary verbally spanking each other, religious and philosophical differences and an abundance of other obstacles have made that merger impossible to complete.

I think this is good news.

According to CBS Connecticut:

Waterbury Hospital, which employes 2,000 and has a budget of $270 million, had been exploring potential financial partners and buyers since 2012. Los Angeles company Prospect Medical Holdings had been a suitor back then.

Here's their video:



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