There is an expression I have been sharing with my kids when they try and give an opinion on something they know nothing about and that is: "stay in your lane."

Ja Rule either never heard that expression or he just does not care and both are highly possible.  This made me laugh out loud.

Oh ass clown.  Why oh why would and ESPN show book Ja Rule and talk Giants football?  Why?  He just wants to hopefully make the playoffs and then push Eli Manning into the upper Esh....esh...esh....A-LAWN.

Whenever I think about a genius football mind I blow right past Bill Belichik and go right to Ja Rule.  I say to myself...I Say I say...Self...What would Ja Rule do?  WWJRD.  That should be on a bracelet somewhere maybe even a bumper sticker in New York Giants red, white and blue.

At the very least JA can you give us a disclaimer like: "I'm no expert but...blah...blah...blah"  (insert stupid comment here).  He's not even good at rapping which is his business why would he be good at talking football?  ESPN gets more shameless every single year.  They are so convinced in their monopoly over sports talk that they make enormous mistakes like this one.  One day some other mega network is going to force them to simply do better.  That is one of the dumbest things I have ever seen on ESPN before and I have seen some whoppers.

Hey Ja Rule....SHUT YOUR YAP!