All he wanted to do was sell his Playstation, not knowing his buyer was handing over fake cash.

From an article at, comes the story of Bristol resident Cory Lavigne, who had put his Playstation up for sale on an app called LetGo. An interested buyer, who went by the name of Mike Foster gave Lavigne a call and asked a couple of questions about the Playstation. After the sale was agreed upon, the two met in Hartford to finalize the deal, where the buyer gave Lavigne $250 in cash. Lavigne proceeded to an area gas station to fill up his tank. Lavigne told

The clerk at the gas station told me, 'get out of here, that's not real, that's fake.'

As it turns out, all of the $250 was counterfeit except for $10. After being freaked out, he called the police and filed a report. There have been a few others this has happened to, and police are thinking it's the same car and the same guy. The story grows more bizarre because Lavigne discovered that one of the $100 bills was only half fake. The top of the bill was real and the bottom was counterfeit.

If this same thing has happened to you, call the police immediately to file a report so they can catch these counterfeit crooks. If you have a sneaking suspicion that a bill in your possession may be bogus, visit this website to find out how you can tell. If you think you've been passed a counterfeit banknote, here's what to do:

1. Study the face of the individual, what they were wearing, and any distinguishable markings they might have.

2. If they're traveling by car, copy down their license plate number.

3. Contact the authorities immediately.

4. DO NOT handle the banknote. Place it in a protective covering like an envelope or plastic bag.

5. Write your initials and the date on the front of the envelope and give it to the authorities.

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