I have found over the years, that doing the Ethan and Lou show without my partner, Ethan, can be agonizing.

I think I do an OK job and all, it's just that talking to yourself for four hours a day, five days a week can drive you crazy. You find yourself asking questions, and then answering them.

I prayed for someone to talk to, and the universe provided a partner -- ME!

This is proof that if you pray hard enough, anything is possible. You should try it. Who knows, you may get to meet and talk to you.

Just astonishing, Earth shattering, award worthy acting. That is how it is done. It's a miracle you're not looking at me on the other side of the magic box in your living room -- I am without a doubt on the wrong side of the TV set. Like a young Brando, I just came, saw and kicked ass. ACTING!