This year's Norwalk Oyster Festival hosted several genres of music this weekend. Their Sunday headliner 90s rockers Smash Mouth left attendees befuddled as the band's lead singer mumbled and slurred his way through the band's biggest hits. 

After a great Friday night set by New England's own John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band, the Oyster Festival was plagued by bad weather on Saturday.  Rain forced the cancellation of Saturday's headliner, former Styx singer Dennis DeYoung. Attendance was strong on Sunday afternoon as patrons tried to make up for Saturday's cancellation.

Reviews for Smash Mouth's set were generally poor. The singer, Steve Harwell, performed with his back to the crowd for a good deal of their set, seemed to forget the lyrics at times, and let a few curses fly at a family-friendly event.

The Norwalk Hour reported that "Smash Mouth confuses crowd with disjointed performance."

The Greenwich Time asked, "Smash Mouth singer 'smashed' at Norwalk Oyster Fest?"

You be the judge. Here are a couple of videos shot from the crowd. The first is their cover of the Monkees' "I'm A Believer."

The second is of their signature song, "All Star."

Yikes! I'm sure Harwell's bandmates, who definitely tried their best to keep their game faces on, had a few words for him later on. Everybody has a bad day at the office once in awhile. Unfortunately Harwell's happened in front of a festival crowd!