When you call to play rock and roll trivia on the Ethan and Lou show tomorrow, you will have extra ammo.

You will have this key full of answers to pull from if you get stumped. That's all though, just answers no questions. Here are the answers to some of tomorrow's questions:

  • Renee Suran
  • Zack Wylde
  • Geffen Records
  • Montreal
  • Erin Everly
  • Michael Andrew Makagen
  • Buckethead
  • Randy Phillips and Arnold Stiefler
  • Erin Everly

There are your answers. If I were you, I would have this very screen open, and in front of me while we ask you our rock trivia questions. You will have a leg up on the competition while you chase 1 of our last 2 pairs of Guns and Roses tickets. Okay, fine, here's a video with some of the questions: