I went to a wedding this past weekend and I swore I was not going to dance, but my girlfriend is Dominican and I am scared of her and she insisted so I did what I was told.

Here are the results.

That is her dad and I.  He actually can dance. He used to teach dance and yet I am so bad I messed him up and ruined his rhythm. Which is nearly impossible because Miguel can groove.  He really can dance his rear off.

All the Dominicans can so when I go to these things now not only am I expected to dance but they all wait to see it and film me to mock my caucasianess.  It's not right man.

How about that song though?  A Classic. If you are going to go down in flames it might as well be to "Poison."  That is just great advice ... "Never trust a big butt and a smile."

Girl, I must warn you.

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