Ever wonder how the Connecticut DMV determines what's allowed and not allowed when it comes to requests for personal vanity license plates?

You would think license plates with any type of sexual innuendo, references to weapons, alcohol, or religion would be off limits; but not so much. A story from fox61.com noted that some of the vanity plates that were approved were "Devils," "Demon," "Tekila," and "Yurmom." Some of the plates that got the hook were, "God," "Vodka" (sorry Pam), " and "Dork,"

Requested vanity plates are reviewed by the DMV before a decision is made. A couple requests that never had a chance are, BALZ and SCREWU, according to watchdog.org. Before reaching decisions on vanity plates, the DMV might reference the Urban Dictionary and Google.

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Thanks to the Hartford Courant for this list of requested vanity plates, ACID, BADASZ, BIATCH, CRAMIT, DO.ME, FYAH, HIGH, JUNKIE, KISOFF, LSD, MAFIA, OMYGOD, PLABOY, REDNEK, SEX, SKRUIT, TOILET, UPYURZ, WTF, AND XTASEE.  So how do you think the DMV ruled on these classy suggestions?

If you were going to get vanity plates, how would the plate read?

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